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It is a journey of about 80 km. Long that connects the city of La Paz and Yungas region, northeast.

Why it is considered the most dangerous road in the world?
Because a portion of this road was built by Paraguayan prisoners,
during the Chaco War in the 1930s.

Furthermore, it is for its steep slopes and lack of guardrails is that this path becomes extremely dangerous. The road from La Paz, at 3,600 meters above sea level and rises to "La Cumbre" at 4.650 meters above the sea. After the descent of 3.600 meters of altitude begins at 64 Km. of travel.

This road is carved on rock, is narrow and winding. In some sectors, its width is only 3 meters and sometimes vehicles must climb down until you find the sufficient size to allow passage next to the contrary, all with the precipice inches away from the left.
While advancing cautiously, who along this road transit must also contend with hundreds of closed curves and stones falling down the slope. But the challenge does not end there. Are usual rainfall, so that the floor is easily smearing, forcing driving on a slick mud.

The peak voltage is at altitude, where it dominates a fog that at times obscures clearly beyond one meter.

The danger of this route made it a popular tourist destination since the 1990s in particular enthusiasts mountain bike use it for its steep descents and exquisite landscapes.

The fact that no risk is that incites much foreigners to do Tourism of Adventure, because of the adrenaline there for being in a not very safe place. They believe that feeling as a form of addiction.

Among the participants considered that the risk involved driving through a road flanked by deep gorges is compensated by the spectacular views from the path on these trips.

The itineraries, half mountainous and tropical, with significant slopes and lush vegetation dominated kingdom, attract lovers of mountain biking adventure.

"The Death Road", whose cliffs do not support driving errors, offers impressions for life.

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