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When is it appropriate to travel to Uyuni Salt Flats?

The impressive geographic diversity offered by the Uyuni Salt Flats and the national reserve Eduardo Abaroa allow tourists to visit at any time of year, however it is advisable to take into account the different seasons of the year.

The best time is between the months of May to November, depending on the rains, may also be until December. In the rainy season, the flat surface of the salt accumulates water coming, sometimes up to 20 cm. high.

The effect is generated on site is a mirror of the sky, resulting in contrasts and breathtaking illusions blue sky.
At this time the flat surface of the salt accumulates lots of water, so it is not advisable to reach the Fish Island for security reasons.

In rainy season, the Laguna Colorada becomes the most important meeting center where flamingos can be seen up to 25,000 specimens.

 The months of June to September (winter) are the lowest temperatures and find the clear and bright skies ideal for excellent photographic and video footage. 
One advantage of visiting the salar in this season, is that you can observe the octagonal gestorias formed in place, while appreciating the curvature of the earth accurately.

The most convenient hours to appreciate the red color of the Laguna Colorada are from 11:00 to 14:00 when temperatures and solar radiation are more intense.

At year's end temperatures rise and may the heavens are not so clear

Certainly in winter are the lowest temperatures. The region is usually cold, dry and windy, can easily reach -15 ° C. or more nights at day temperatures can reach 5 ° and 10 ° C. and even increase a little more when the sun is at the zenith.

In this way, and with the information provided, you can evaluate and choose when it wishes to visit this wonderful place.

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