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Bolivia's first national park occupies 1000 sq km abutting the Chilean border. The park offers expansive high-plains views, geyser filds, hot springs, and climbing and hiking opportunities aplenty.

Parque Nacional Sajama was created on November 5, 1945 for the protection of the rare wildlife that inhabit this northern extension of the Atacama Desert. Unfortunately, depretation has already eliminated several species. With increase protection, however, vicuña populations are on the rise-trhey were nearly hunted to extinction for their highly prozed wool. you may also spot condors, flamingos, rheas and armadillos.
The world's highest forest covers the foothills flanking the awe-inspiring Volcán Sajama which, at 6542m, is Bolivia's highest peak. The forest consist of dwarf queñua trees, an endemic and ancient altiplano species. But while technically a forest, its a little underwhelming - the trees more like little bushes.

Sights & Activities
The best map of the park is the glossy 1:50,000 Nevado Sajama published by Walter Guzmán Córdova; it can be found in better La Paz Bookstore.
Volcán Sajama (Volcano)
The volcano is a popular mountain to climb, especially between May and September; there are also some hikes on itsd lower slopes. Altough it's a relatively straightforward climb, Sajama's altitude and icy conditions make the peak more challenging than it initially appears. Quite a few La Paz agencies offer organized climbs of Sajama. Only consider going without a guide if you have experience with high-altitude climbing, but prepare for extremely cold and icy conditions and carry lots of water close to your body (otherwise it will freeze). Do not try to climb the volcano in the rainy season; the electrical storms make this a dangerous time to ascend.
Hot Springs
For a relaxing warm soak, there are four lovely 35°C hot springs 8km northwest of Sajama village, an easy 45-minute walk; look for the bright orange house to the left of the road. 
Geyser Field
About 7km (1 1/2) hours on foot) due west of Sajama is an interesting spouting geyser field. You could potentially combine this a two-or three-day trekking circuit that takes you from the village of Sajama past the Lagunas khasira, Sora and Chiar Kota.
Laguna Huañakota
About 12km north of the village of Sajama, this lake is worth a day trip.

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